Changes in Dutch labour law

Significant changes will take place in the labour law should the Dutch Upper Chamber adopt the new Work & (Job) Security Act.

Implementation in phases

The changes will be implemented in three phases: the first changes are scheduled to be implemented as per 1 Januari 2015, consequent changes will take place as per 1 July 2015 and 1 January 2016.

We refer to the memorandums below, in which we provide on overview of the current situation, the proposed new regulations and the implications of the legislation on employers and employees.

  • Changes per 1 January 2015 (was 1 July 2014)
  • Changes per 1 July 2015
  • Changes per 1 January 2016

For questions about the Work & (Job) Security law please contact our labour lawyers Carin Welters or Nienke Lemmink.

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