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Are you an entrepreneur who literally wishes to go beyond the boundaries of enterprise? Who wishes to take the step and sees opportunities abroad? Offering products or services internationally can be an option in order to realize a growth strategy. Each country is characterized by its own market, economy and supply and demand. However, each country also has its own rules and laws.

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USA desk

Do you wish to do business in Europe or the Netherlands? From the Netherlands as most important hub in Western Europe, you can conquer the European market with our ‘one-stop’. With Amsterdam, Schiphol as main airport hub, and Rotterdam with one of the main ports in the world, the Netherlands is a suitable base for the start of your company in Europe.

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Asia desk

Asia is the largest continent in the world and has a huge market. While in other parts of the world the credit crisis was keenly felt, many Asian companies found a way to grow. In short, Asia offers plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Doing business in Asia can also be challenging. There are many cultural, geographic and economic differences between the Asian countries themselves. What is the best way to deal with various forms of infrastructure, languages and regulations?

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Africa desk

The African continent is well represented on the lists of the world’s fastest growing economies. The increasing political stability, a growing middle class and advancing educational levels on the continent entice more and more entrepreneurs to Africa. Africa holds the future – both as a manufacturing location and as an emerging market for developing sales.

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UK desk

The UK is an important market with a population of 63 million people. Doing business in the United Kingdom therefore offers a wealth of possibilities for Dutch companies. Being ‘neighbours’ of each other, companies in the Netherlands and the UK soon find each other and the UK is therefore an ideal location to establish a business.

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Germany desk

Germany is one of the main trading partners of the Netherlands. With approximately 82 million inhabitants and historically low unemployment, it is an interesting potential market. Immediately next to the Netherlands, we find Germany’s largest state (North Rhine-Westphalia). Therefore, the step towards Germany seems rather easy. Still, there are several things that you should keep in mind. We advise and inspire you.

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Poland desk

There are plenty of opportunities for companies who do business in Poland. And, more and more entrepreneurs are seeing these opportunities. Whilst most of Europe is suffering from the effects of the financial crisis, there are hardly any signs of the crisis in Poland. The economy in Poland is growing at a fast pace and Dutch companies are currently one of the largest foreign investors in Poland.

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Romania desk

More and more entrepreneurs are realising the business opportunities available in Romania. Therefore, the Netherlands is a strong business and investment partner for Romania. Business sectors that benefit from this partnership include agriculture, transport, water and ICT. The country’s location on the Black Sea is of strategic value.

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Organising all your international affairs via one point

As an international entrepreneur, you will most certainly be involved with these numerous laws, regulations, subsidy regulations as well as financial risks. These could also offer you opportunities in executing your plans. Via our country desks, it is possible to organise or have organised all these international affairs via one point: from the expertise of a local advisor in the field of laws and legislation to setting up a company in a legal sense. From labour law to international tax advice in all sectors. Furthermore, our country desks have direct contact with local advisors, because we form part of Baker Tilly International.

The Netherlands as gateway to Europe

The Netherlands is known for its favourable investment climate and attractive tax system. Thanks to its geographical location, with Rotterdam as one of the largest ports in the world and the large international airport of Schiphol, The Netherlands is an important logistics hub. This makes us literally and figuratively the main gateway to Europe. So it is not surprising that many internationally operating companies choose to set up business in The Netherlands.

With our country desk, discover what cross-border possibilities there are for you and your company. We also support foreign entrepreneurs who wish to set up business in The Netherlands. You can contact us for advice about and setting up the desired structure or organisational structure, international and local tax advice, expat services and audit services.

Tax Mapp

In our unique app: the Tax Mapp, you will find both the latest worldwide tax news and complete current tax overviews per country. The Tax Mapp can be downloaded for free from the App store and the Google Play Store.