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Germany is one of the main trading partners of the Netherlands. With approximately 82 million inhabitants and historically low unemployment, it is an interesting potential market. Immediately next to the Netherlands, we find Germany’s largest state (North Rhine-Westphalia). Therefore, the step towards Germany seems rather easy. Still, there are several things that you should keep in mind. We advise and inspire you.

The German market

Be aware that decision-making processes of potential clients in Germany generally take longer than in the Netherlands. Patience and investing in a client relationship is very important. However, once the client has expressed confidence in you, you will have a very loyal customer. Furthermore, it is obviously important that you also have an optimal business structure for doing business in Germany. Here we can be of service.

Considerations when doing business in Germany

Germany is a country of laws, regulations and formal manners. The team behind our Germany desk has extensive experience in advising companies that want to do business in Germany. To keep difficult information understandable, they can explain to you how tax implications relate to Dutch legislation. Here we answer questions like:

  • Is it wise to establish a German company?
  • Do I have to pay VAT in Germany over my services/supplies?
  • How can I maximize benefits of the tax treaty with Germany?
  • What are the tax consequences for employees who work in Germany?
  • In which cases can a German company car be used?

In cooperation with our German colleagues from Baker Tilly Roelfs, we can advise you on the optimal structure, guide you in setting up an administration in Germany and introduce you to all tax advantages of international business. Our Germany desk can be approached in Dutch, English and German.

Doing business in the Netherlands as a German entrepreneur

For German companies that plan to settle in the Netherlands, we offer support in, for example, establishing the (organizational) structure, tax advice, tax returns, accounting, payrolling and audit services.

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