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Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

In order to be future proof companies increasingly depend on their contribution to sustainable and social objectives. By investing now in a strategy in these areas, you are investing in the responsible development of your business. We are happy to help you with this: from vision to implementation, monitoring and reporting.

The importance of ESG

Sustainability, also often referred to as Environment, Social & Governance (ESG), is growing in importance. Society is demanding more sustainability, corporate social responsibility and transparent governance. With a clear vision on these issues, you radiate confidence, helping you to attract and retain stakeholder support. These are the essential ingredients you need to stay relevant and grow as an organisation. Now and in the future.

Get started with ESG on time

Because ESG is an evolving topic, developing, implementing and managing ESG programmes is still proving to be a challenge for many companies. That said, it is important to start drawing up your strategy now. From 2024 onwards, companies meeting two of the following criteria are obliged to report on the impact of their operations on climate, biodiversity and human rights: 250 members of staff, 40 million euro in turnover or a balance sheet total of 20 million euro or more. What’s more, you’ll have to have your sustainability report reviewed by an auditor.

ESG affects all facets of the organisation: from raw materials to real estate and from working conditions to carbon emissions. Baker Tilly’s ESG Advisory helps you develop a vision and implement measures, so that you are well prepared for ESG reporting later. We also believe it is important for your ESG strategy to be feasible, and perfectly aligned with your organisation’s DNA and vision.

ESG framework

Baker Tilly ESG Advisory has developed a framework that you can use to integrate ESG in your organisation. Based on eight steps spread over four phases, we work towards an integrated strategy and your sustainability report, one step at a time.

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Discover specialisations within Environmental , Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

ESG Phase 1: materiality analysis and stakeholder validation

A materiality analysis gives you insights into the sustainability themes that are important to you and your stakeholders. It is the foundation for your strategy.

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ESG Phase 2: baseline, ambitions and focus areas

You want to make your business more sustainable, but where do you stand now and where are you heading? Phase 2 of the Baker Tilly ESG framework determines your ambitions.

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ESG Phase 3: strategy and action plans

How will you give direction to your ambitions? What are your KPIs? In this phase, a KPI dashboard is useful to determine whether you are still on track.

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ESG Phase 4: reporting, evaluating and fine-tuning

The final phase of our ESG framework involves reporting, evaluating and fine-tuning your strategy. We can assist you with drafting a sustainability report.

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Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Sustainability and ESG are important for the future, but they are also essential because sustainability reporting is soon to become mandatory. We’re here to help.

Interim Financials

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