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If you operate at an international level, the cross-border flow of goods may have an enormous impact on your VAT processes. Examples are importing goods, storing your supplies, distributing your products to your sales facilities, but also selling goods to consumers in other EU countries through your website. This also applies if you provide certain services, such as organising events abroad or providing digital services such as streaming services to consumers in other countries. Depending on your business model, all these activities lead to VAT obligations, sometimes even in several countries. Are these recognisable VAT issues for you? You can count on Baker Tilly for the best international VAT advice.

Business models

Globalisation, commercial trends and new sales markets have led to the emergence of complex business models. In certain business models, a local office in another country, such as a (commission) agent, may carry out part of the business activities. This may result in a mix of transactions, whereby chain transactions with several consecutive buyers are more often the rule than the exception. Or it may result in (digital) services which turn out to be subject to VAT in each of the EU countries where your customers are located. In such an environment, it is crucial that your VAT processes are optimised. We are happy to help you map and streamline your flows of goods and services, and their VAT consequences. It may also be possible to improve your business model with regard to VAT.


Your organisation has a European distribution center in the Netherlands. Are you in control of the import formalities of your products and the VAT and customs regulations? What are the benefits of a so-called Article 23 license? What are the current rules for your company to be able to apply the 0% VAT rate to your supplies to companies in other EU countries and beyond? And what happens if your organisation decides to sell products online to private individuals, and distribute those goods from the distribution center? And what if you also provide services to your customers? These are questions that the VAT advisors of Baker Tilly would gladly help you address.

In addition, we would be happy to keep you informed of any important changes and news in the area of VAT. This way, you will always be up to speed with the latest developments and the impact of changes on your business operations.

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