VAT in specific sectors

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Does your business operate in one of the sectors mentioned below? If so, you may be faced with specific VAT issues. Baker Tilly has extensive knowledge of these sectors, and we can advise you in this regard.

Government and VAT

As a government institution, you qualify both as tax collector and as taxpayer. VAT is relevant throughout your organisation. Whether or not revenue is subject to VAT, and whether or not input VAT on purchases and investments is deductible, are questions that are continuously relevant. Additionally, it is crucial that your VAT administration complies with the relevant laws and regulations. In the cases of municipalities and provinces, the VAT Compensation Fund is also relevant. We can help you gain more control of your VAT processes, and safeguard the VAT rules  as a part of regular business processes. For advice about government and VAT please check out this webpage.

Real estate and VAT

Housing associations, project developers and investors are frequently faced with the fiscal aspects of real estate transactions (e.g. transfer tax and VAT). The term ‘real estate transaction’ will already be quite familiar to other parties, such as municipalities, landowners, and care and education institutions. We can help you optimise the results of land transactions by providing advice about VAT and transfer tax. For more information see our webpage Real estate and VAT.

VAT in the healthcare sector

As a healthcare institution, you may or may not be aware of the fact that VAT is relevant every day. Examples are:

  • Purchases and investments
  • Participating in joint ventures
  • Secondment of employees
  • Selling goods and services to clients, visitors and employees
  • Receiving various subsidies and contributions

We can help your organisation deal with VAT more proactively, minimize (unknown) risks in as far as possible, and safeguard the VAT rules as a part of your regular business processes. For more information on points of attention and what we can do for you, check out our webpage VAT in the healthcare sector.

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