Real estate and VAT

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Housing associations, project developers and investors undertake real estate transactions whereby VAT and transfer tax always play a role. In addition, other organisations, as well, such as healthcare and educational institutions, municipalities and landowners work with real estate (transactions). We help you achieve optimal results with land transactions by advising you on VAT and transfer tax.

VAT or transfer tax?

The transfer, letting, establishment of property rights and all other forms of the provision of real estate involve consequences for VAT and transfer tax. People often tend to think ‘it’s VAT or transfer tax’, but in practice we frequently see that both VAT AND transfer tax apply to a single transaction. We can help you prevent this, and optimise real estate transactions from a fiscal approach. Thus, you reduce the risk of additional VAT and transfer tax. If you have awareness of the relevant VAT and transfer tax, you can also include these aspects in the agreements to be concluded. We will also be pleased to look at your sales contracts and notary’s deeds.

Rental or letting of real estate

Do you rent or let real estate? Is VAT-exempt or VAT-taxed rental recommended, and what financial consequences will this have for you? How can the VAT deduction on costs and investments be optimised? And, is it possible to reduce the costs of vacancies? The answers to these questions are not always obvious. Our consultants have the knowledge and experience to advise you.

Fiscal position of investment funds

We have extensive experience in guiding the establishment of investment funds. Not only can we help you with the fiscal position of the investment fund and the fiscal consequences of real estate transactions, but also the fiscal input for the prospectus. We can assist you in drawing up the prospectus and have the forecasts assessed by our auditors.

How can I help you?

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