VAT in the healthcare sector

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As a healthcare institution, you deal with VAT every day - consciously or unconsciously. You purchase supplies, establish partnerships, second your personnel, sell products and services to clients, visitors and employees and receive various subsidies and contributions. We help your organisation deal with VAT with more awareness, limit (unconscious) risks as much as possible and embed VAT in your standard business processes.

In the Netherlands, VAT is an important resource for the treasury. Healthcare institutions contribute their share. The question is: what part must your healthcare organisation contribute? To answer that question, your VAT position must be outlined and VAT levying embedded in your business processes. We can help you with this.

Outline your VAT position

Most activities of healthcare institutions are exempt from VAT. This means that no VAT is paid on money received and VAT on purchasing is part of the costs. For a number of activities, however, it is not clear whether these are or are not exempt from VAT and whether or not VAT on purchases is deductible. In addition, legislation and regulations change regularly. We outline your VAT position so that you can respond appropriately to these changes and have control over your obligations to the tax authorities. By means of a Tax Control Framework, this can be embedded in your business processes.

Tax Control Framework

Of course, a Tax Control Framework can include all taxes. By means of a VAT scan and a number of interviews, we outline your current VAT position (actual position). We then discuss your goals and wishes with regard to fiscal management and jointly formulate the proverbial dot on the horizon (target position). We prepare a plan (TCF) to work from the actual position to the target position where work can be done in phases on an (overall) fiscal management of your organisation.

Increasing and updating your knowledge of VAT

Because many different people in your organisation have to deal with VAT, training courses are an effective way to increase the knowledge of VAT within your organisation. Our in-house training courses are tailor-made for you whereby we work with examples from your own practice.

How can I help you?

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