VAT reporting obligations

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As soon as your business has been granted a VAT registration, several VAT reporting obligations will apply. Make sure you file VAT returns correctly and on time, especially as these recur every month or every quarter. This is not only the case in the Netherlands, but in all countries where your business is obliged to file VAT returns.

In such cases you should seek professional assistance with the right competencies, knowledge and experience. Baker Tilly is an experienced advisor in the area of Dutch VAT compliance (including general VAT representation) and has an excellent relationship with the Dutch tax authorities. At your request, we can work closely with your logistical service provider(s) in the area of warehousing, handling, distribution and logistics, to properly deal with the VAT obligations arising from your business activities.

VAT representation

Baker Tilly VAT Compliance (Netherlands) B.V., a subsidiary of Baker Tilly, specialises in VAT representation for businesses that are not based in the Netherlands. As VAT representative, it can act on behalf of the foreign entrepreneur in dealing with the Dutch tax authorities, and take over the VAT reporting obligations. In this way, Baker Tilly VAT Compliance (Netherlands) B.V. takes care of the VAT returns of the foreign entrepreneur, and also files the EU Sales lists and Intrastat reports. Additionally, it can handle any correspondence with the Dutch tax authorities and provide the foreign entrepreneur with, amongst other things, VAT advice.

In a number of specific cases, a foreign entrepreneur is legally required to appoint a VAT representative. Baker Tilly VAT Compliance (Netherlands) B.V. acts as the VAT representative in the Netherlands for a great number of foreign entrepreneurs, allowing the entrepreneur to use a special import facility, the so-called Article 23 license. This facility means that entrepreneurs do not need to pre-finance VAT upon import of goods. One of the many advantages of trading with the Netherlands as trade and distribution country!

Compliance tools

We use special compliance tools to take care of your enterprise’s VAT reporting obligations. These tools contribute to an efficient and thorough preparation of your VAT returns, utilizing several automated analyses. The data that you provide is verified, for example with regard to the correctness of the VAT identification numbers of your customers.

VAT returns in the Netherlands and abroad

The Netherlands has a number of different types of VAT reporting obligations for businesses. Aside from a monthly or quarterly VAT return, the filing of an EU Sales list and Intrastat reporting is mandatory in specific cases, if your business trades with other EU countries. Baker Tilly would gladly be of service in taking care of these VAT compliance obligations.

Additionally, we can handle your business’ VAT compliance in other EU and non-EU countries. In such cases we either use our central reporting portal or engage the assistance of Baker Tilly member firms in the EU or the rest of the world.

Our compliance team is ready to assist your business with VAT compliance in the Netherlands and abroad. We can ensure your VAT compliance is organised from one central hub, at competitive rates by experts.

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Barthold Bergman
Barthold Bergman Sr Manager VAT Advisory