The College of Knowledge

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Five internationally renowned speakers will present their free-flowing knowledge at the College of Knowledge to keep you up to date with key global trends such as blockchain technology, the human future of work, branding as a growth strategy, risk management and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Five thought-provoking 15-minute videos for you to share with others.

  • Stephen Griffiths - 2030: The very human future of work
    Technology is shaking the foundation of labour. Where do humans fit in? Stephen Griffiths of Korn Ferry, the world’s largest executive search provider, will help you understand how jobs will change in the future.
  • Paul Hughes - Branding as growth strategy
    Internationally renowned speaker and expert on growth, Paul Hughes, will provide you with a new mindset of ‘growth’ and teaches you how to use branding as a grow strategy.
  • Sahar Hashemi – Turn corporations into creative environments
    Co-founder of Coffee Republic and one of the UK’s most inspirational female entrepreneurs, Sahar Hashemi will help you understand how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset within large organisations.
  • Mark Gallagher - Lessons from the fast lane
    With three decades of experience in the motor racing industry and having worked at the forefront in Formula One™, Mark Gallagher will provide you with deep insights into risk management.
  • Bettina Warburg - Will blockchain technology transform the economy?
    Oxford and Georgetown graduate and thought leader in blockchain technology, Bettina Warburg teaches you more about how this new infrastructure is evolving.