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International growth 

More and more entrepreneurs are choosing to expand abroad. It is especially easy to explore new markets within the EU. But how do you structure your international growth? Read more about:

Each choice you make brings with it advantages, disadvantages and sometimes obligations. We list and explain a number of important steps. Whether you are entering the Dutch market from abroad for the first time, working with new foreign partners or shareholders, or looking to expand your Dutch business abroad: the advisors at Baker Tilly are ready to help you achieve your ambitions for growth.

Expanding your foreign business to the Netherlands 

Expanding your foreign business to the Netherlands offers great opportunities. The Netherlands can act as a gateway to the whole European market. However, you should be aware of differences between Dutch legislation and the rules you may be used to in your home country. How can you familiarise yourself with the Dutch market? What do you need to bear in mind when starting (or acquiring) a Dutch business? How can you ensure your business is compliant with the applicable Dutch legislation? And if you want to use the Netherlands as a hub for the European Union: how can you import and sell goods in the correct and most cashflow-friendly way? We would help you with your plans to expand your foreign business to the Netherlands. From orientation and acquiring or establishing your Dutch business, to setting up your administration and importing goods into the EU. 

Tip: this information may also be interesting if your Dutch business is acquired by a foreign investor. 

Orientation on the Dutch market 

Get to a flying start with a thorough orientation beforehand. How do you draw up a business plan? What are common Dutch business forms? What about corporate income tax and Dutch labour law? And how can you structure your Dutch business? 

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Acquiring or setting up a Dutch business 

You can set up a Dutch business or acquire an existing one. But how can you finance this? How does the acquisition of a Dutch business work? And what should you bear in mind as a foreign shareholder?  

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Administration & compliance  

Businesses and entrepreneurs will have to comply with rules and administrative requirements. What obligations does an employer have? What Dutch accountancy obligations should you bear in mind? And what are the Dutch VAT rules?  

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Importing goods into the EU 

If you want to sell goods from outside of the EU in (or through) the Netherlands, the goods will often need to be imported first. Importing goods leads to customs obligations and tax consequences. Are you fully aware of the customs and VAT aspects involved?  

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Doing business outside of the Netherlands 

Expanding abroad: a great step for your Dutch business. But before you cross the border, you need to make sure your plans for growth are clear. Will you be doing business from your Dutch company, or do you want to open a branch in another country? Will you be hiring employees abroad? What are your VAT obligations? And how about your tax position? 

Our experts are happy to guide you through your plans for international expansion. From the first steps outside of the Netherlands to determining your tax position and the international agreements and obligations you will encounter.

The first steps towards international growth 

International expansion: whether you do so in small steps or giant leaps, thorough preparation is essential. If you have plans for international growth, what do you first need to consider with respect to distribution, taxation and labour law?

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International growth: determining your tax position 

Your tax position may be complicated if you are growing internationally. What are your obligations, and what opportunities are there for you? What about matters such as wage tax, VAT, tax residency and the position of the director / major shareholder? 

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International agreements and obligations 

Expanding abroad means you will need to consider more than just Dutch rules. How can you ensure you have the right registrations and documentation for customs purposes? What is transfer pricing, and how does prevention of double taxation work? 

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Our international services 

International enterprise offers great opportunities. Our experts can support your growth ambitions. Our Baker Tilly International network partners offer us (and you) local expertise and support in over 145 territories worldwide. Your Dutch Baker Tilly advisor is your single point of contact for support across the globe. You can count on Baker Tilly for:   

  • Local Baker Tilly expertise, international coverage with Baker Tilly International  

  • Expertise in the areas of international trade and e-commerce  

  • Global Mobility expertise 

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