Brexit: relocating to The Netherlands?

Advantages. With Brexit becoming a reality and the uncertainties that come with it, it may be wise to relocate your operations. The Netherlands is tailored to help you reach your targets.

The Netherlands has one of the best (digital) infrastructures in the world. Centrally located within Europe with easy accesses to many other cosmopolitan cities like Paris, London and Brussels. Schiphol airport is the third busiest airport in Europe, offering excellent connections to other parts of the world. In addition, Rotterdam has one of the largest and busiest harbors in the world, processing around 4 million containers annually. Therefore, the Netherlands is known as the gateway to Europe. 
As one of the founding fathers and member of the European Union, the Netherlands offers the advantages the EU provides. These include accesses to the internal market and the protection of free movement of goods and services. 
Furthermore, the Netherlands offers:

  1. A highly educated population
  2. A stable economy and political environment
  3. Reliable and highspeed internet
  4. Excellent juridical system
  5. High quality of life
  6. Versatile business operations 

Competitive fiscal climate

The Netherlands offers you one of the most competitive fiscal climates compared to other European countries. This stems from the Dutch vision to stimulate international entrepreneurship, trade and investment. Key features of our fiscal climate include:

  • Advanced tax ruling (ATR)
  • Advanced pricing agreements
  • Lower tax rate for innovation (innovation box)
  • Harmonized indirect taxes within the European Union
  • Participation exemption in CIT
  • Excellent tax treaty network to prevent double taxation
  • 30%-ruling for expats
  • Special regimes for Charities and Public Benefit Organizations

European Subsidies and relocation

Charities and entities that receive subsidies from the European Union could consider relocating to the Netherlands to secure these funds after Brexit. In addition, foundations and associations can be qualified as Public Benefit Organizations (PBO) when the institutions’ efforts are focused on the general good. As a result, these foundations can enjoy several tax advantages:

  • Natural and legal persons making donations to a PBO may deduct their gifts in their Dutch income tax return.
  • A PBO does not pay Dutch inheritance tax or gift tax under certain conditions.

One of the cities that historically attracts many charities is The Hague. The Hague is an ideal location to relocate your foundation or business. Within the Netherlands, The Hague is centrally located between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Furthermore, The Hague has a relatively low living cost compared to other cosmopolitans. Charities, foundations and associations like the Red Cross, Unicef and Cordaid have their headquarters in The Hague.