Webinar: Indirect taxes and cross border e-commerce

Are you up to date on the current indirect tax regulation for cross border e-commerce? Webshops, marketplaces and other companies selling online goods and services will run into these rules. In this webinar we further discuss the regulations in the EU, the United Kingdom and Canada. Please have a look at this webinar presented by the international indirect tax specialists Marisa Hut (Baker Tilly Netherlands), Alison Horner (MHA MacIntyre Hudson) and Marc Bloch (Baker Tilly Canada).

This webinar is very interesting for all businesses selling goods to consumers in the EU, the United Kingdom and Canada. Are you prepared for the local indirect tax reporting obligations? Which special rules are applicable for your webshop? Is there a turnover threshold? Is a special platform fiction applicable? When is action from you required? Can specific administrative obligations be reduced? What are points of attention? Make sure that you are aware of the indirect tax regulations for international e-commerce and more specifically be aware that your systems and processes are correctly set up. Preparation is key!

Would you like to know more about the possibilities and opportunities that these regulations offer for e-commerce? Or would you like to discuss the VAT position of your business? Please feel free to contact Marisa Hut or Marc van Weert.