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The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is a European directive. It states that, starting from 2025, non-listed companies will also be obligated to report on their impact on people and the climate. The directive aims to improve the quality of reporting on sustainability obligations. Baker Tilly International conducted research into the preparedness of companies for the new environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting obligations.

European research by Baker Tilly International

Baker Tilly International conducted research across 14 European countries (with a total of 305 respondents as well as five interviews with ESG experts within relevant companies). The report shows the current best practices and weaknesses in four key areas:

  • ESG organisation and governance

  • Materiality assessment

  • ESG reporting system

  • ESG communication and publication.


Regarding ESG, 29% of the surveyed companies state that they have never communicated or published ESG information. However, 72% of the surveyed companies do have a documented ESG strategy. When it comes to ESG reporting, 62% still use Excel.


Of the surveyed companies, 70% will soon be subject to the CSRD. Of that percentage, 57% say they have little to no knowledge of the CSRD and only 12% feel ready or almost ready for the CSRD. These figures present both challenges and opportunities for our advisors with respect to assisting companies with their ESG reporting obligations in the coming years.

Baker Tilly identifies impact

Baker Tilly plays a key role in helping companies tackle the CSRD, not only by ensuring compliance but also by providing advice on how to meet all ESG obligations.

Ronald Hoeksel, Chair of the board at Baker Tilly Netherlands says: ‘We can help our clients by providing them with training programmes that make them aware of what is expected from them in the near future and what their ESG obligations will be. Furthermore, we support our clients in preparing for all new laws and regulations, such as CSRD.’

Is your company CSRD ready?

Ask yourself that question and start preparing for the new reporting requirement sooner rather than later. In our CSRD report, you will find interesting statistics and more background information about the CSRD directive:

  • What is at stake with the CSRD?

  • Are companies ready for the CSRD?

  • Overview of current practices & trends

  • Getting ready: leveraging the obligation into meaningful action

Request the full report here


If you have questions about ESG or the CSRD directive, or would like advice on which regulations apply to your company and how to comply with them, please feel free to contact us! Our experts are ready to assist you.

The legislation and regulations in this area may be subject to change. We recommend that you discuss the potential impact of this with your Baker Tilly advisor.