International expansion? New regulations can help!

The big and established companies of this world have grown tremendously over the years, but they too once started locally. It is quite possible that your company dreams of growing and becoming a household name around the globe. Operating on an international level is essential to achieve this. Operating on an international level offers opportunities to flourish as company and to increase your profits. These profits can then be used to innovate or to expand the activities further and further. These established companies once took the step to operate on the international market and this step proved to be a success.

We like to see companies grow and encourage them to operate internationally. Doing business internationally entails administrative obligations and as company you will need to be compliant with regulations in various countries to avoid (unwanted) surprises. We understand that this can be a burden in taking this step. However, this is a shame because these obligations are reduced by (potential) new regulations.

In a special session, the Baker Tilly network discussed (emerging) VAT changes for e-commerce businesses with experts from Australia, the UK and the EU. In less than 50 minutes, the VAT changes and the potential opportunities that arise from them are discussed in great detail. This session is not only fun to watch to, but also contains a lot of information which can be useful if you are considering an expansion into the UK and/or EU.

Are you curious about the impact and opportunities for your company? Below you can watch the session.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss the possibilities, please feel free to contact Marisa Hut or Barthold Bergman.