Post Brexit webinar, what is important for your company?

On Tuesday March 2, 2021 Baker Tilly and MHA MacIntyre Hudson (Baker Tilly member firm in the UK) organized another post Brexit webinar. During the webinar experts Alison Horner, Marisa Hut, Andrew Thurston, Jonathan Main and Angela Keery discussed the following interesting topics important for your company:

  • Rules of origin – what do these mean, why are these relevant, what are the pitfalls, etc.
  • The reality of the Free Trade Agreement for cross border trade
  • Customs – what paperwork is required, commercial invoices, declarations and what type of representation is needed
  • Exporting from and importing into the EU – what are the points of attention for both VAT and customs
  • Northern Ireland – current developments for trade in goods
  • The future and your company’s strategy - Setting up in the EU – what are the options

If you weren’t able to join, please have a look at the webinar below.

The slides are available via the link below. If you have any questions, please contact Marisa Hut of our VAT & Customs Advisory team.