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Virtually all organisations in the Netherlands have been confronted with enormous challenges as a result of the coronavirus. Baker Tilly can inform you of the measures by which the government meets the needs of Dutch organisations. In addition, you can count on advice on the continuity of your organisation. Do you want to know what this specifically means for your organisation? Or do you need help in applying for government aid? Then ring or e-mail our Corona Help Desk. You can reach us at telephone number +31 (0)38 425 86 00 or by e-mail:

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Accounting & Assurance

You are looking for a professional and committed party to collaborate with. Choose Baker Tilly if it concerns your financial administration, drawing up your annual accounts and advice about your business operations. Our experienced advisors literally stand next to you to help you determine the direction of your company.

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Corporate Finance

Growth and continuity are central themes in every company. Whether this concerns acquiring a business or selling the business, financing growth or a redistribution of shares, a valuation or due diligence investigation is often necessary. Our assistance with each of these Corporate Finance issues is substantively strong and always aimed at a maximum return for you as our client. A professional, structured approach with the focus on trust and an eye for the interests of the different (international) parties at the table.

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Tax Services

Good tax advice can be highly profitable, and can even yield unexpected benefits. This applies not only to our business clients, but also to the excellent range of services we offer business owners looking to open offices in the Netherlands. As a business owner, you can rely on our wide knowledge of Dutch laws and regulations. We will guide you through every step of the process to doing business in the Netherlands.

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Transfer pricing

All businesses which trade internationally and have cross-border transactions between group companies are likely to face Transfer Pricing issues. These issues include enquiries from the tax authorities in one or several jurisdictions. Many jurisdictions now have transfer pricing legislation in place. This legislation include compliance rules. To be compliant, businesses must document their transfer pricing policy correctly. Baker Tilly supports you in identifying the tax risks in your Transfer Pricing system, in minimising these risks and in spotting opportunities. This can be achieved in several ways: support in preparing and updating your required Transfer Pricing documentation, optimising your business model for tax purposes, guidance in concluding Advance Pricing Agreements, support in discussions with the Dutch tax administration

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Tax representation

International trade, foreign companies with a supply chain going through the Netherlands, are often confronted with Dutch VAT and compliance obligations. Baker Tilly VAT Compliance can help you with these compliance requirements. In this way you have more time for your business and international trade and you can benefit from some great VAT advantages.

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VAT advice and compliance

Taxation is increasingly shifting from direct to indirect taxation. VAT, Customs and excise taxes increase, thus receiving more and more attention from the tax authorities. For this reason, and because legislation and regulations are constantly changing, it is important to regularly check your VAT position. You are responsible for being ‘in control’. Are you lacking the knowledge or time to determine whether you are fulfilling all the VAT regulations? With our extensive services in the field of VAT and Customs, we can help you.

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VAT & E-commerce

At the moment, companies in the E-commerce sector (distance selling) are encountering various barriers such as high VAT compliance costs, complicated VAT returns and registration procedures, problems in dealing with foreign tax administrations and practical problems such as establishing the online prices and VAT rates.

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International Business Helpdesk

Are you an entrepreneur who literally wishes to go beyond the boundaries of enterprise? Who wishes to take the step and sees opportunities abroad? Offering products or services internationally can be an option in order to realize a growth strategy. Each country is characterized by its own market, economy and supply and demand. However, each country also has its own rules and laws.

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