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Recap of the Quick Fix on the VAT identification number

Published on: 01 juli 2020
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Since the 1st of January this year obtaining a valid VAT identification number of the customer in case of intra-Community supplies has become a material requirement for the application of the VAT exemption (zero-rate).

What does this mean for your business? In this animated video we provide you with more insights for your business, like:

  • What is a VAT identification number?

  • When do you need a VAT identification number?

  • What has changed since January 1, 2020 regarding this matter?

Recap of the Quick Fix on the VAT identification number | Baker Tilly

For more information please see also our article and Q&A about this regulation. In case you have any questions or would like to discuss this for your business, please contact us.

This content was published more than six months ago. Because legislation and regulation is constantly evolving, we recommend that you contact your Baker Tilly consultant to find out whether this information is still current and has consequences (or offers opportunities) for your situation. Your consultant will be happy to discuss the latest state of affairs with you.