Brexit scenarios: Points of attention for your business

We recently organised a webinar together with our British colleagues of MHA MacIntyre Hudson, on the VAT and customs aspects of exporting to the United Kingdom (UK), and trading with the European Union (EU) from the UK. We also discussed a number of other tax topics, including the wage tax position of expats in the context of Brexit.

Experts explain

In our webinar, experts in the areas of VAT and customs, direct taxation, and wage taxes elaborated on a number of different scenarios. They offered useful tips and advice on how businesses can continue trading with partners in the UK effectively and efficiently from January 1, 2021, onwards.

These experts are:

  • Alison Horner, Indirect Tax Partner, MHA MacIntyre Hudson - Host and introduction VAT aspects from UK perspective.
  • Andrew Thurston, Customs Duty Consultant, MHA MacIntyre Hudson - Customs aspects of importing in the UK and exporting to the EU from the UK after Brexit.
  • Marisa Hut, Manager VAT & Customs, Baker Tilly (Netherlands) - VAT aspects from an EU perspective.
  • Chris Danes, Tax Partner, MHA MacIntyre Hudson - Tax implications of doing business in the EU from the UK after Brexit.
  • Richard Maitland, Partner, MHA MacIntyre Hudson - Post-Brexit wage taxes for expats from the UK working in the EU, and vice versa.

The webinar can be watched below:


The slides of the webinar can be downloaded below.

Our VAT & Customs advisors can assist you with your Brexit preparations. Feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help.